A little about me: I am a graphic designer/videographer, I am extremely passionate about what I do. All my life I have always admired the creative process, and all that process entails. My grandfather Elden once told me (over the dinner table) “The Eye Eats First in all things Terry John, no matter if you are talking about design, marketing, the creative process or something as simple as the food that we eat every day. The eye always eats first in everything, before one acts, they see.. and that is what gives someone the desire to want what you have to offer.” As a designer and videographer I always think about those words that my grandfather told me. “Am I forcing the eye to eat first in all that I do?”

More about me: I am a happily married man, my wife and I were married on April 10, 2009 – We have a precious little boy Bentley, we have an english bulldog Zoei. Life is good!
Magazine Layout94%
Ad Placement/Positioning98%
Photo Manipulation80%
Video Filming75%
Video Editing86%
Video Animation/Effects70%
High 5 Percentage100%


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Testimonials from Happy Clients

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

  • " I first got to know Terry Hiatt, Founder of EyeFirst Media, at a previous job. Even back then, he was a very talented designer and everyone was always more than impressed at the work he produced for the company. It was since then that I knew that if I ever needed anything done professionally, he’d be my go-to guy. This is why I trusted Terry to take on the task of designing my new logo. "

    Whitney Woolstenhulme | Whitney Woo | Content Marketing and Social Media Consultant for Businesses

Client: Autoliv Testimonal

Tom Hajkus - Autoliv Communications Manager

Terry Hiatt’s passion for design has helped our company further its brand presence, and his insight and recommendations have resulted in fantastic end products. In doing so, his work has become recognized and appreciated by our employees as well as our external customers. 
Terry’s creative suggestions, compelling artwork, calm yet intensely-focused dedication and demeanor is why I can trust that each project he oversees will be finished on-time, within budget and with an attention to that meets the highest of quality standards.  Whether it is a brochure, fact sheet, industry advertisement, milestone event, facility celebration, mobile media campaign, social media enhancements or a video and photography production, I am confident that Terry will have all of the details covered.  Oftentimes, my high expectations have been exceeded.  
I rely on Terry’s expertise, consider him to be an extension of my Communications team and fully endorse him as an artist, designer, co-worker and friend.  I appreciate the time and effort he has contributed thus far and look forward learning more and strengthening our working relationship in the future.

I fully Endorse him as an artist, designer, co-worker and friend.


  • " I think there is a profound and enduring beauty in simplicity, in clarity, in efficiency. True simplicity is derived from so much more than just the absence of clutter and ornamentation, it’s about bringing order to complexity. "

    Jony Ive | Senior Vice President | Design | Apple
  • " Papyrus is NEVER an acceptable font to use.. Unless you are… nope, it is never acceptable. "

    Terry Hiatt | Me | Graphic Designer



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